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Oct 19, Allow the father's name to be listed on the child's birth certificate. father or as the mother and have changed your mind about who the father is.
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The biogical father illegal sign his name on the birth certificate.. What can be done about it and now he claiming legitimation for that child.. The judge gave the biogical father 60 days to get the paper legitimation…Wasnt that illegal before he could get in custody right..

Its under the law. Is it ok for him to take her to school to check her and out are to the doctor , even visit the child should concern illegal and unlawful and kidnapping under the law. It definitely sounds like this situation is very complex, and your daughter may wish to seek legal advice to assist her in the appropriate steps to take. Every state can have different laws and regulations regarding paternity and custodial rights which can be complicated to fully understand.

We hope you and your daughter are able to resolve this issue positively. My daughter had a child whose father has never been in the picture and not on the birth certificate. She now wants the child to have her maiden name. What would be the easiest way to change the name on the certificate. Hello and thank you for your question.

Can I Remove a Parent’s Name From a Birth Certificate?

They will be able to provide more information about the process they require to make such a change. I have 2 daughters,was unmarried to their father but he is listed on birth certificate. There are no custody papers in place. On a visit he kept my children. Can I go to his house and get them. Hello Aida. You may want to consider contacting law enforcement to determine your rights as a parent and what steps to take to get your children.

You may also want to consult with a legal professional. And I did not put anyone on the birth certificate. Can I add the father of the child with a legal DNA test or is there more to it? Hello Vanessa. They should be able to provide you with next steps. I would really appreciate some feed back. Later, he established paternity and his name was to be added to birth certificate. Since judge was not specific as to who should do it, I never added and so it remains without a fathers name. We are on good terms but I am still very hesitant to add his name on her birth certificate.

My question is: Am I able to obtain a visa to travel overseas without A, his name being on the birth certificate B. If he signs a notarized letter giving my daughter permission to go? Thank you in advance. You may want to contact the State Department to find out more about what they will require for your visa application. Also, since you have a judges order that was not complied with, you may want to seek legal guidance on this issue. I add to add my details on birth certificate.

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Having the Father's Name on the Birth Certificate

We are sorry for your loss. You will need to contact the vital records agency that issue the birth certificate originally to determine their requirements for amending the certificate to include your name. It is possible that you may need to go through the court system and provide documentation of paternity. Hello Ana.

Requirements for amending a birth certificate can vary from vital record agency to vital record agency. It should not matter that the father is not a U. Hi If a couple are married but never lived together no more than a month and she ended up pregnant but never included father in childs life and didnt add him in birth certificate and couldnt collect child support.

Paternity in Maryland

But now that the father finally filed for full custody and got the court approval for his name on birth certificate,can she now get him for child support for the past years? Hello Stephanie. Thank you for reaching out with your questions. Laws concerning parental rights and child support may vary from state to state so your best option may be to seek the input of a legal professional to get the answers to your questions.

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  • Can I change my child's name if the wrong man is named on her birth certificate?.

We suggest you consult with a family law specialist in your area to determine what your parental rights are currently and how to expand them if that is you desire. Cuz my child has my last name and my name is on her birth certificate. Hello Sonya. Since your child has your last name and no father listed on the certificate, it is more than likely that you would legally be considered the sole provider for the child and therefore can travel without consent of the father.

We do suggest you check with TSA regarding their requirements for traveling with your baby to avoid complications later. Hi Larissa I wanted to ask, I have 2 kids and have not been placed in the birth certificate but they have my last name. Recently I filed taxes and used them on my taxes with the mothers consent. Is that wrong to do? Could the state charge me for this? Hello Mike. Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer that question. We suggest you consult with either a legal or tax professional for more information.

WV Vital Records is refusing to add the father even with proof they are legally married. The wife filed for a divorce when she was 12 weeks pregnant with her husbands child and then left him moving to another state. If they are legally married, the child was conceived and born during the marriage why is the father not being added administratively by WV Vital records?

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If the birth certificate has already been issued without a father listed, the father will more than likely have to petition the court and provide proof of paternity in order to be added to the birth certificate. Hello Kimberly.

Benefits of establishing paternity

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with answers to your questions. You may want to consult with an attorney on this matter. I am not the biological father of my little girl. I met her mother when she was a few months pregnant and her real biological father has never made an effort to get ahold of her. Her biological father is not on the birth certificate and I want to give her my last name.

Is it possible to give her my last name? In order to give your little girl your last name, you will more than likely need to legally adopt her. You may want to contact a family law specialist for guidance through this process. Hi The biological father of my 2 years old daughter is listed in the birth certificate. He tried to kill us and for that reason he is in jail waiting for a sentence.

How to change the father on a birth certificate

In addition to that, DCF terminated his parental right. I have 2 questions please,. However, if I would like to remove his name as a father in her birth certificate … Am I doing something wrong. He is … a bad father but is the biological father… now with no rights at all. I am super confuse on what to do because i do not want to do something that later I will realize that was a mistake. Please I would really appreciate your advice very much.

source site Thank you very much in advance. Hello Camila. Unfortunately, we are not qualified to provide you answers.