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Section of the South Carolina Code was amended to allow Carolina , to obtain a copy of the adoptee's original birth certificate, and.
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A delayed birth record can be established if 3 different documents verifying the birth facts claimed are submitted.

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The documents required are based on the age of the person whose birth certificate is being requested at the time of the application. For a person more than ten years of age, the documents must have been established at least ten years prior to the date of application.

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For a person ten years or younger, the documents must be dated at least one year prior to the date of the application or within the first year of life. All documents must show the place and the date the document was filed.

Only original or certified copies will be accepted. Examples of records that usually verify this information are:.

How do I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

One of the 3 documents must show the correct age or the full date of birth and the place of birth. Examples of record that usually verify this information are:. One of the 3 documents must verify the full correct date of birth month, day and year.

3 Ways to Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate in South Carolina

Examples of documents that usually verify this information are:. Persons desiring to establish a delayed certificate should contact the agency requesting the birth certificate and ask if a delayed certificate will be acceptable for the purposes they are requesting. If the difference is less than 30 days, original or certified documentary evidence from the hospital of birth or two supporting documents for correction is required. At least one of the documents must have been created within 90 calendar days of the date of live birth.

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If the difference is over 30 days, additional original documentary evidence filed within the first 7 years of life is required. In the hospital, you will be given paperwork to complete for the state birth certificate.

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You can complete this paperwork at home and mail it in, or you can apply for your baby's state birth certificate online at the SCDHEC website. If you apply for the state birth certificate within one year of your baby's birth and there is an error on the birth certificate, we will make the correction for you at no cost. Call for assistance. While in the hospital you will be given paperwork to apply for your baby's Social Security Number. Your nurse will collect this paperwork before you are discharged and you will receive a Social Security card in the mail within several weeks. Once you are ready to get started, you will find that our application assistance services are comprehensive, secure, and easy to follow. Once these steps are complete, the individual only needs to wait for approval from the Health Department to receive their official birth certificate.

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